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Drum Closure

Closures are devices and techniques used to close or seal a bottle, jug, jar, tube, can, etc. Drum closures are used to close and seal drum or barrel. Closures can be a cap, cover, lid, plug, etc. Drum closures are these closures which are used to close or seal drums ,specially for 200 liter ,203 liter (55 gallon/53 gallon). As for their good sealing property and low cost, They are increasingly popular applied by small steel pails /drums. One set drum closures include 2” drum flanges +2″drum plugs+ 3/4 ” drum flanges +3/4″ drum plugs+ 4 pieces of gaskets.

According to the welding points numbers, drum closures, the important steel drum parts, can be divided as following Type: 6 welding points(big)+2 welding points(small)/ 4 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)

According to function way on bungs, drum closures, including steel drum closures, can be divided to flange-insert type, faucet type, top press type, closing ring type. The first and the second type are widely used in packaging and container industry.

Drum closure can protect the drum contents against leaking and contaminating ,guaranteeing drum contents original quality. With their good sealing property, they are a necessary part for chemical storage and transportation.

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