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Drum fittings must be compatible

Many factors must be considered when selecting new steel drum fittings for shipping hazardous and non-hazardous goods packaging. One important reason for this is that drum producers must carefully consider all drum materials, especially those that may come into contact with the product contained in the container. It is critical that accessories such as bungs, flanges, gaskets, interior finishes, removable liners and crimp sealants are inspected in the same way as steel drum lining materials to ensure user satisfaction with the performance of these components .

Compatibility has two considerations. One is related to the effect of the goods on the steel drum fittings, and the other is related to the effect of the steel drum fittings on the loaded goods. While many steel drum fittings have undergone years of experimentation and field testing to ensure they are suitable for the packaging of the desired cargo. However, the innovation of barrel making technology and the use of new types of goods may lead to long-standing problems and new use environments, etc., which can no longer guarantee that steel drum parts can continue to achieve the expected effect.

Selecting the correct steel drum accessories including steel drum closures, gaskets, bungs, sealants, connectors, liners and removable liners for a specific application must be followed with full knowledge of packaged product characteristics.

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