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The definition and types of washer


Washer, also known as O-ring, is a circular section of the sealing element, the material is usually made of rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber and other polymer materials. According to different materials, shapes and structures, it can be divided into rubber O-rings, EPDM rubber O-rings, hard rubber O-rings, shock absorbing O-rings and other types.

Commonly used washer diameter specifications include: 10mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm and so on.


The role of washer


As an important sealing element, the main function of the washer is to fill the gap between the two contact surfaces to prevent the leakage of substances and the intrusion of external impurities. For example, the rotating shaft in mechanical equipment, pipeline connections, automotive cylinder heads, oil pan connections, etc., need to use washer to seal.



In addition to serving as a rotating component seal, small washer can also play a cushioning role. For example, motors, compressors, printers and other mechanical equipment in different positions such as bearing seats, thrust bearings, gear combinations and interfaces commonly used washer play a cushioning role to reduce vibration and noise.



Because the washer material has good sound insulation and sound absorption effect, it is also widely used in some audio equipment. For example, loudspeakers, earphones and other parts of the shell of high-power audio often need washer as sound insulation gaskets to isolate vibration and noise.



The washer also has a great role in eliminating mechanical vibration and reducing tactile and visual interference. In the field of automobiles and home appliances, washer are often used to reduce the transmission of vibration and noise. For example, automobile engine base, air conditioning compressor, etc., all use washer to prevent shock.

Summary: Although the size of the washer is not large, it plays a vital role in the machinery manufacturing, automobile and home appliance industries. It can not only play a sealing and buffering role, but also play a very important role in sound insulation, shock prevention and so on.

Our products are mainly used in PE(the surface is transparent), NBR and Buna three kinds, there will also be a single washer and double washer classification. The thickness of the washer is usually between 1mm and 5mm, and the thinner washer is usually suitable for a small amount of sealing, while the thicker washer is suitable for a larger seal.

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