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Experience For Users To Observe And Judge The Situation Of Lubricating Oil In The Process Of Use

The following is some experience for users to observe and judge the situation of lubricating oil in the process of use:

▲ Lubricating oil temperature is abnormally high: it may be that the anti-wear performance of lubricating oil is poor, or there is a heat source outside.

▲ White lubricating oil: it is generally caused by the water in the tank.

▲ Lubricating oil black:

1. External impurities enter the tank.

2. Oil deterioration.

3. Exceeding the oil change period.

4. Wear and tear of machine parts.

Wear of parts can be caused by poor quality lubricating oil, or by equipment maintenance problems.

Please check any worn or damaged parts, if the mass of wear parts, is generally judge lubricating oil quality problem, if the similar parts of wear and tear, and the most intact, should determine whether lubricant oil is coherent if oil is to flow friction parts, if lack of oil, some friction part can make the parts wear, oil will be black.

Qualified lubricating oil should be able to ensure that users in the oil change period equipment basic wear, inferior lubricating oil damage to the machine is comprehensive, please be sure to choose high-quality lubricating oil!

Short comment: High quality lubricating oil should be prevented from metamorhism, the drum closure bung and flange during the delivery process is the cheap and effective way.

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