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How To Improve The Reliability Of Steel Drum Seal?

How To Improve The Reliability Of Steel Drum Seal?

Sealing reliability is a very important quality characteristic among many quality requirements of steel drum products. For a steel drum, if its sealing is poor, although other aspects of quality characteristics (such as surface quality, coating, geometric size, etc.) are very good, because of the loss of the most important function of the steel drum, it is nothing but a waste product, which is well known. From the point of view of statistics, in a batch of dangerous goods packaging steel drum products, although most of them are good, even if only one seal is not reliable, this is not allowed for the manufacturer and users. Must carry on many aspects to tackle key problems, can guarantee the factory product 100% qualified. Therefore, it is particularly urgent and important to improve the sealing reliability of steel drum.

1. Analysis of factors affecting the reliability of steel drum seal

As we all know, the production process of steel drum is:

After this production process, the factors that affect the quality of products involve all aspects of nature. These factors include people, machines, materials, methods and environment, all of which have different degrees of influence on the quality of products. Therefore, the enterprise is required to engage in management and production positions of each worker should be clear about their own quality responsibilities and tasks, with a high sense of responsibility to do their own work. Only in this way, with excellent quality of work, to ensure the manufacture of high-quality products. This is one of the main contents of the enterprise to establish and improve the quality assurance system.

At present, there are many problems in steel barrel industry in China, such as low management level, obsolete equipment, and low personnel quality. The product quality is poor, the raw material consumption is high, the economic benefit is not good, the product quality has been staying in as long as no leakage on the line level. Few efforts to study how to improve the reliability of the problem, resulting in product quality grade difficult, export difficult to earn foreign exchange. The main reason is low technology. The barrel production technology is too simplistic. Its consequence is lack of staying power; competitive power is not strong. So it is necessary for us to seriously study the production process of steel drum.

2. The necessity of product reliability research

At present, under the condition of the establishment of socialist market economy in China, the focus of competition among enterprises is quality. The reliability of product quality is the common concern of designers, manufacturers and users, and it is also an important index for comprehensive evaluation of product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use the modern emerging engineering science to carry out the research on product quality and reliability.

The reliability of mechanical products refers to the ability to complete the specified functions within the specified time and under the specified conditions. In this definition, there are three "provisions" and one "function" involved.

(1) Under the specified time, conditions and functions, the product may or may not meet the requirements, which is a random event. Random events can be quantitatively described by probability. The probability of the product completing the specified function within the specified time and under the specified conditions is called the reliability of the product. Obviously, reliability is a probabilistic measure of product reliability.

(2) "Specified Functions" refers to the accuracy, strength, stability, etc. For steel drum, besides the theoretical capacity, nominal capacity, material thickness and material requirements, the number and size of the sealing device are also stipulated.

(3)" Under specified conditions "means the conditions of use of the Product, such as density, temperature, humidity, load, impact, medium, etc. For steel drums, different types of drums should be adapted to different media. Galvanized bucket, spray bucket, ordinary bucket to adapt to the contents of different. Secondly, the double edge barrel and the triple round edge barrel have different performance. Steel drums that meet the requirements of class I of the International Maritime Code must be made of triple round flanged drums. This is the main technical index and requirement for packaging container design.

(4) "Within a specified period of time" refers to a certain period required to maintain the quality and performance of the product, because reliability varies with time. For steel drum, it mainly means that after filling the contents, there should be no leakage and deterioration of the contents within the specified service life cycle. This is an important design metric.

From the definition of reliability, we can realize the necessity of carrying out reliability research. When steel drums are used to contain inflammable, explosive, corrosive, and highly toxic dangerous goods, if one of a batch of steel drums, due to poor sealing, leaks, resulting in combustion, explosion, corrosion and poisoning, will bring great losses to people's lives and property, especially for export products, the consequences are more serious. Therefore, we must be absolutely reliable product quality, to meet the needs of users at different levels, let users rest assured.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of products is accelerated. Especially in the petrochemical industry, the requirements for packaging containers are increasingly improved. The application scope is wide, the use environment is more severe, and the reliability problem of steel drums is more prominent. The viewpoint and method of reliability have become the indispensable basis and means of quality assurance, safety assurance, product liability prevention and so on.

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