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The Evolution and Advancement of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Compared with international advanced level, Chinese packaging technology is backward, so to improve packaging level, we should start with improving packaging technology, and increase the capital investment in developing and researching packaging technology. Strengthen the independent innovation ability of packaging enterprises, conduct market research, take consumer demand as the guidance, research new packaging materials and packaging technology. At the same time, we should strengthen international cooperation, learn foreign advanced technology and business model, but not copy, according to the actual situation of domestic enterprises should be flexible use, to learn from one example. Large packaging enterprises can set up special packaging technology departments to provide technical support for small and medium-sized enterprises, realize information sharing and rational allocation of resources, improve the overall level of our packaging industry and narrow the gap with the developed countries.


Green packaging has a positive effect on our export trade

(1) Stimulate innovation and improve the level of science and technology. Compared with traditional packaging, green packaging has more strict requirements on product packaging. In order to improve the competitiveness of their products and obtain more profits, enterprises will actively adopt some innovative methods, develop new environmental protection materials and technology to make product packaging, so as to not only get considerable profits, but also improve the innovation ability of our country and cultivate a large number of innovative talents.

2) Promoting the transformation and upgrading of relevant industries Any industry is not independent, is closely related to other industries, "pull together the whole body", the development of packaging industry, will drive the development of other related industries. For example, environmentally friendly packaging materials can be used to make other goods, promoting the development of handicraft industry; The development and perfection of packaging machinery can drive the development of machinery manufacturing industry and so on.


(3) Rational use of green barriers, optimize the industrial structure. China can formulate relevant laws and regulations, use green barriers, raise the entry threshold of related industries, prevent heavy pollution, poor quality garbage products from entering the country, seek high-quality partners, protect national enterprises, optimize the industrial structure of the country.

(4) Improve our environmental problems. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the living standard and consumption level of human beings continue to improve, accompanied by environmental pollution and ecological damage is more and more serious. Green packaging using environmental protection, non-toxic harmless raw materials, easy to recycle, waste easy to decompose, to improve our environmental problems has great significance.

At present, the environmental problem is becoming more and more serious in our country, the recovery rate of packaging waste is very low, white pollution can be seen everywhere, therefore, it is urgent to formulate relevant laws and regulations, improve the recycling rate of packaging waste, the implementation of green packaging. In addition, the implementation of green packaging enables us to carry out international economic exchanges more smoothly, reduce trade friction, make our products reach the green standard of internationalization, and realize the goal of international standards. Moreover, green packaging also echoes the sustainable development strategy of our country, reduce environmental pollution and ecological destruction at the same time, but also save resources and realize the harmony between man and nature.


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