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Two Ways to Achieve Drum Protection During Painting and Baking Process

With the continuous improvement of modern production technology and stricter requirements for production quality, factors such as enterprise labor costs, environmental protection requirements, and production speed have spawned new technologies and production methods.

When painting steel barrels, barrel making companies usually use two methods to prevent cleaning fluid and paint from entering the barrel from the mouth of the barrel.

Ⅰ. Install a steel turnover cover on the mouth of the barrel. After the painting is completed, remove the turnover cover and replace it with a formal barrel plug. This method of turnover cover can be reused many times, but after a period of time, the paint accumulates too thick and needs to be removed before use, and it should be noted that the accumulated paint on the turnover cover is easy to fall into the bucket, affecting the cleaning degree of the bucket.

For the selection of the turnover cover we follow the following criteria:

steel barrel bung

  • Sufficient depth: The turnover cover has sufficient depth to accommodate more paint, avoiding frequent replacement and spilled paint falling into the bucket

  • Sufficient flanging: The flanging on the top is for better fit and half-wrapping the mouth of the barrel to prevent spray paint from entering the barrel or polluting the mouth of the barrel

  • Steel material: The steel material can ensure that the turnover cover is resistant to high temperature, does not deform, and does not shift. These are the basic conditions that the cover must have during the painting and baking process of the steel drum closures.

Ⅱ. Before painting, use an automatic labeling machine to paste a circular label on the mouth of the barrel to seal the mouth of the barrel. After painting, the label is torn off by an automatic label tearing machine, and then the barrel plug is replaced. This method has high production efficiency and can also ensure that the barrel is clean, but the cost of disposable labeling paper and labeling machine is relatively high, and the selection of labeling paper also needs to follow the following standards.

plastic drum cover

  • Accurate position: In order to ensure that each sticker can be attached to the center of the barrel mouth without deviation, the size and spacing of the stickers are very precise

  • Strong adhesion, no trace left after tearing off: Since it needs to go through the painting process after pasting, it must be ensured that the sticker has good adhesion and will not be blown off when spraying paint, and there is no colloid residue affecting the bung and cover usage of

  • High temperature resistance: After painting, the oil drum enters the drying tunnel, and the stickers also need to resist high temperature, no deformation, no burning.

  • Air permeability: The sealed steel drum has a high internal pressure after high temperature, so the sticker must have a certain degree of air permeability to avoid being washed away by the internal expansion gas.

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