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Invitation To The 7th China-Japan-South Korea Transport Packaging Technology Conference

Invitation To The 7th China-Japan-South Korea Transport Packaging Technology Conference

As the only professional transportation packaging Committee in China, the Transportation Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation (TPC) has jointly held the China-Japan-South Korea transportation packaging technology exchange meeting every year since 2015, in conjunction with the national transportation packaging associations of Japan and South Korea - Japan Packaging Association (JPA) and South Korea Association of Industrial Packaging (KAIP). Through international exchanges in recent years, it has continuously led domestic transportation and packaging enterprises to internationalization.

The 7th China-Japan-ROK transport packaging technology exchange meeting will be held at Qingsong City Hotel, Xuhui District, Shanghai from December 5 to 7, 2021. The meeting is hosted by the Secretariat of the transport packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation - China packaging research and testing center, co-organized by Japan Packaging Industry Federation and Korea Association of Industrial Packaging, and undertaken by China Packaging Research Institute Co., Ltd. The discussion will focus on the frontier topics of transport packaging in these three countries.

The conference lasted for three days, during which a number of activities were carried out, such as keynote speech, exhibition, supply and demand connection, technology salon, and subsequent transportation and packaging manager training. In terms of keynote speeches, the organizer will invite experts and outstanding entrepreneurs in the field of packaging to share the following topics:

Topic 1: effectively reduce costs on the premise of ensuring safety

Share cost reduction experience from multiple dimensions such as design efficiency, structural optimization, production efficiency, daily management and new alternative materials.

Topic 2: future development trend of transportation packaging

Circular packaging, streamlining, intelligentizing and other ways to explore the future development trend of transportation packaging enterprises.

During the conference, exhibitions were held, and supply and demand docking platforms were built to help participating enterprises conduct business publicity and docking.

Technical activities such as technical salon and management training can provide professional knowledge in transportation packaging, especially wood packaging.

The annual meeting is wonderful and diverse. Now it has begun to recruit sponsors and ordinary participants.

Short comments: the 7th China-Japan-ROK Transport Packaging Technology Exchange Meeting is going to hold from Dec. 5 to 7, 2021. Some packaging industries such as steel drums, cartons and drum closures are preparing to make a progress with the development of packaging industry within Asia and across the world.

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