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Get Closer To Closed Steel Barrel Lining Bag

Get Closer To Closed Steel Barrel Lining Bag

The invention of the inner lining bag of the closed steel barrel solves the problems that the crimped steel barrel is difficult to solve, such as the leakage problem caused by elastic-plastic deformation, the leakage problem caused by the natural temperature difference, air pressure and vacuum in use, various chemical solutions remaining in the barrel, and other residues attached to the barrel that cannot be completely removed. As long as the crimped steel drum is closely combined with the lining bag, the relevant problems involved in the "prospect" of this paper can be solved and realized. This provides strong support for resisting the challenge of new structural steel drums and also turns the idea of "green steel drums" into reality.

The raw material used in the lining bag of closed steel drum is a kind of NANO polyethylene, which can be recycled 0, HACCP and other strict certification. It integrates flexibility, barrier and heat resistance. (high temperature resistance 105 degrees, low temperature minus 50 degrees) and has the characteristics of no deformation, oil resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. It can be widely used in steel drum packaging, transportation and storage of medical and health care, food and juice, petrochemical, industrial oil and special liquids (flammable and explosive).

The closed bucket liner bag is a national patented product. Its close combination with the crimped steel bucket blocks the direct contact between the barreled liquid and the bucket wall, and eliminates the pollution risk caused by corrosion, condensation and various bacteria in the steel bucket; Thus, the problem of corrosion and pollution of steel drums is solved.

Short comments: The installation and replacement of the lining bag is simple, convenient and fast. Just load a new bag from the can filling port on the top of the barrel and lift out the old bag during replacement.

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