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Market Demand Analysis And Raw Material Selection For Steel Drum Packaging

The barrel-making materials must meet the following requirements:

(1) The barrel-making needs to use high-quality low-carbon steel, the material must have good plasticity and deformation stability, and the low-carbon steel with a carbon content of not more than 0.05% to 0.15% has good plasticity. The greater the elongation δ value, the greater the plasticity. The better, the smaller the yield ratio σs/σb, the better the plasticity. For plates with a thickness of 0.8~2mm, the standard grain size should be grade 5~99.

(2) The material should have the ability to resist pressure instability and wrinkle. This ability is related to the modulus of elasticity (E), the yield ratio and the plate thickness directivity coefficient r. When σs/σb is small, the ultimate deformation degree is large. The greater the r value, the greater the degree of deformation.

(3) The surface of the steel plate should be standard and clean, free from scratches, pitting, scratches, pores and shrinkage, and the flatness of the surface should meet the standard, without warpage, unevenness, and rust spots. Thickness tolerance and overall dimension tolerance should comply with national standards. For details, please refer to industry standard YB/T 055. For example, for cold-rolled and zinc-locked thin steel plates for 200L steel drums, the allowable deviation of the chemical composition of the finished steel plates and steel strips should meet the requirements of GB/T 222-2006. The size measurement method of steel plate (strip) should meet the requirements of GB/T 708-2019. The re-inspection of steel plates shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T 247-2008.

Short comment: When making steel drums, you need to use good raw materials. At the same time, the drum closure of steel drums also needs to have good quality. The sealer provided by CX is made of high-quality steel and the surface is galvanized, which not only enhances the service life of the drum closure, but also prevents the sealer from rusting.

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