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Market of Steel and Plastic Drums in China

Steel drums and Plastic Drums are widely applied in various industries, such as the Petroleum industry, light industry, chemical industry and even in food packaging. 

In China, the demand for industrial drum packaging is growing year by year, among which the 200L steel drum is still the largest type of demand, accounting for more than 80% of the drum packaging market.

In the industry of petroleum, at present, the 200L steel drum is the most important transportation package for carrying oil, and the quantity has not decreased because of the increase in pipeline transportation and oil tank transportation. But in order to ensure safety, in the process of using a 200L steel drum, the whole container can not be filled with oil, to prevent the situation of much higher internal pressure and then bursting. The 2 "and 3/4" drum plugs on the drum top also need to be opened during the pouring process to equalize the internal and external pressure so that the oil can be extracted more quickly and easily. It is estimated that the national production in China of 200L steel drums in 2021 may exceed 120 million pcs.?Besides, 200L plastic drums are the stength of bearing high mechanical pressure, and low cleaning cost and are reusable and welcomed in the oil industry. The annual production is increased to 50 million pcs in China.

To suit the different threads and sizes of the plastic drum holes, Chongyi Industries develop various kinds of plastic bungs, with high-quality PP and PE material, as well as high-density gaskets.

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