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Orange Peel, The Painting Problem Of Drums

Orange Peel, The Painting Problem Of Drums

Orange peel

The uneven appearance of the paint coating, which resembles the peel of an orange or walnut, is called orange peel.

The reasons are as follows:

1) The construction viscosity is too high and the paint film leveling is poor;

2) Improper selection of spray gun;

3) High temperature and low humidity in the spray room;

4) Insufficient leveling time and premature entry into the drying room;

5) Spraying film is too thick or too thin


1) Add pure water to adjust the coating viscosity;

2) Standardize the spray gun, or adjust the spraying distance, fan width, etc.;

3) Reduce the temperature of the spray room, improve the humidity of the spray room;

4) Increase leveling time;

5) Adjust the amount of spit and gun speed to prevent the paint film thickness beyond the specified range.

Short comments: in the process of painting epoxy phenolic drum closures, the orange peel probelm will also occur, but with small probability, we will check each closures for customers.

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