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Power Rationing Sports Carbon Reduction Is Unsustainable

Power Rationing Sports Carbon Reduction Is Unsustainable

Recently, Power Rationing has boarded the network hot search again.

According to the announcement of relevant departments, the reasons for switching off and power rationing vary from place to place. In some places, it is because of the high coal price and the shortage of electricity and coal, and clean energy cannot keep up, resulting in the tension between power supply and demand in some areas. To prevent the collapse of the whole power grid, switching off and power rationing is implemented; In some places, because the overall industrial production was strong in the first half of this year, the energy consumption did not meet the target set at the beginning of the year, and power rationing occurred under the restriction of the "dual control of energy consumption" policy.

Behind various reasons, it reflects that under the goal of "double carbon", there are two contradictions in the transformation and development of China: one is the contradiction between the low-quality energy demand of high-energy consumption industry and environmental constraints; The second is the contradiction between high-quality clean energy demand and low-quality fossil energy supply. Under the constraints of the "energy Impossible Triangle" of "energy use, no pollution and cheap price", realizing the goal of "double carbon" is a very complex system engineering. The proposal of "double carbon" goal means a major adjustment of industrial structure, a major technological innovation, a reform and innovation of supporting systems, and a systematic evolution of lifestyle, production mode and development concept, rather than simply switching off and limiting power.

The 14th Five Year Plan period is a window period for carbon peak. In the process of realizing the goal of "double carbon", we must correctly deal with the relationship between medium and long-term green transformation and short-term steady economic growth. We should follow the requirements of the "double carbon" goal, follow the green transformation and market law, clarify the timetable and road map, make steady progress in stages and steps, and do not make blind leap forward. Carbon neutralization is not to restrict development, but to guide high-quality development. While striving to reduce carbon emissions, all localities should not affect the normal operation of the industry.

Of course, we should always be vigilant. Some places take advantage of carbon peak to climb and rush to the peak. At present, the vigorous development of high energy consuming industries such as steel, cement and chemical industry is still regarded by many places as an important means of economic recovery. It is considered that 2030 is a window period. Before that, it is the last time to work hard and quickly on high-energy consumption projects. If all localities continue to develop high energy consumption and high emission projects to offset the peak of high carbon emissions, it will bring disastrous consequences to the realization of carbon neutralization in the future. In this regard, stronger policies and measures should be taken to resolutely curb the blind launch of the "double high" project.

At the same time, the focus of green transformation should be on the formation of new green supply capacity. Before forming a strong clean energy supply capacity, we can not "cut across the board" for traditional fossil energy. We should speed up the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body and ensure high-quality power output. According to the location, energy resource endowment and comparative advantages of industrial layout of different regions, the national overall plan optimizes the functions of different regions in developing energy and industry, determines the mode and variety of energy supply, and the distribution of energy cross regional transmission channels.

Short comments: the Carbon Reduction achieved by limiting energy consumption and compressing production capacity is unsustainable. We still have a long way to go in the process of carbon neutralization, pay attention to industrial structure adjustment and energy structure adjustment at the same time, and crack the Energy Impossible Triangle.

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