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Mechanical Processing Technology for Steel Drum Production

From the classification of mechanical processing and forming methods, the processing technology of steel drum manufacturing can be divided into two categories, one is metal cutting processing technology; the other is non-cutting processing technology.

Metal cutting processing technology, such as grinding for plate edge grinding, reaming turning for coil forming and thread tapping, etc. This type of processing technology is essentially the same as ordinary cutting processing. Just in order to improve the processing speed, the steel drum manufacturing has its own special equipment, such as edging machine, special lathe, thread rolling machine and tapping machine. So that they follow the rhythm of steel drum manufacturing and meet the process requirements of steel drum manufacturing.

Non-cutting processing technology is more widely used in the production of steel drums, such as cutting of plates, stamping of drum bottoms and closures, pressure processing of drum body forming and curling, and rolling forming and coiling of bung threads. Round roll forming is a non-cutting process. Among them, the stamping process is the most widely used, and almost all stamping processes including punching, deep drawing, bending, and forming are applied. The rotary spinning forming process is a unique processing technology that requires the use of a drum crimping tool for the manufacture of steel drums, which is only applicable to the production of barrels such as steel drums. During processing, the steel drum is clamped on the mold and rotates with the mold, and the roller is used as a processing tool to make a part of it bend (flange), expand (bulge), press (corrugate), curl (roll package) match). Among them, the cold extrusion process is often used for rib expansion processing. In recent years, cold extrusion processing is often used for flanging, that is, the steel drum does not rotate during processing, which is often called mold flanging.

The steel drum forming process is mainly flanging, ribbing, corrugation and crimping assembly processes. Some enterprises use "three-in-one" production equipment to perform flanging, ribbing and corrugation in one process at the same time. These barrel-making machines belonging to the middle-stage equipment are special equipment for the production of steel barrels. At present, there are various middle-stage equipment in China. According to the transmission mode, there are hydraulic equipment, mechanical equipment, manual equipment, pneumatic equipment, pail crimper, etc.; according to the position of the steel drum on the production line, there are two types: vertical and horizontal; according to the degree of production automation, it can be divided into fully automatic equipment, semi-automatic equipment and manual equipment, etc.

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