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Precautions for Using an Open Steel Barrel

Basic requirements

Before using the drum, fully understand the properties and condition of the contents to be contained.

In the case of improving the contents or packaging new products, carefully inspect and confirm that there are no issues before use. Even with traditional products, the corrosiveness may change significantly due to additives and impurities.

According to the possibility of corrosion to the steel plate and the risk of leakage, especially when it is filled with corrosive contents, please contact the drum manufacturer before use.

Depending on the nature of the drum's contents, understand whether it complies with the relevant regulations for dangerous goods containers, regulations for transportation and storage of dangerous goods, regulations for storage of toxic substances, and regulations for storage and transportation of controlled substances. Only proceed with use after confirming all is in order.

When used for exported goods, there may be waste management regulations in the destination country. Please use drums that comply with their regulations.

The phosphating treatment layer (zinc phosphate and iron phosphate) inside the drum acts as a coating, mainly designed to form a passivation film and provide short-term protection from surface rust. However, it does not have long-term rust prevention capabilities.

To ensure the safe use of the drum, do not use it for purposes other than designated use.

When the drum falls, there is a risk of leakage if the bottom drum seal and rolled edge are heavily deformed due to impact. Additionally, extreme deformation cracks in the rolled edge indicate damage and potential leakage risk. Please handle with caution.

Use protective gloves when handling and operating the drum.

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