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The PACKCON Shows The New Power Of The Whole Package

In order to make resources more concentrated and gather outstanding enterprises and products in the industry chain, China Packaging and Containers Exhibition 2021 will launch six special exhibition areas, covering the whole set of solutions from design, packaging materials, production equipment, automated logistics solutions to supply chain. It presents products with core competitiveness around the current hot spots in the packaging industry, allowing the audience to fully understand the latest achievements in all links of the packaging supply chain and easily solve packaging problems.

Easy to recycle, renewable, degradable New Packaging Materials and Products Zone

All major terminal brands are looking for sustainable packaging solutions, which are recyclable, renewable, degradable, recyclable... which form of packaging is more suitable for their products? Plant fiber packaging, as a representative of green packaging materials, has become the first choice for many companies to include environmental packaging solutions, but many companies are not familiar with the performance and technology of this packaging material. In addition, what new alternatives can be used in mass production? How are the hot trends in industries such as green sustainability and carbon neutrality being promoted in the packaging industry?

The PACKCON Shows The New Power Of The Whole Package

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