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The Speech Of Luo Tiejun Of Steel Situation

Luo Tiejun made a response to the hot issues of production limitation, export tax rebate, carbon peak, industry self-discipline and so on, and pointed out:

At the beginning of this year, the state proposed to further reduce crude steel production, which is conducive to promoting the high-quality development of the steel industry.

In the specific operation of reducing output, there should be pressure and pressure, not "one-size-fits-all", but "three limits and two restrictions".

"Three limits" is the key limit since 2016, illegal new capacity, capacity replacement of non-standard output; Limit the environmental protection management level of poor output; In the way, the crude steel output is limited by limiting pig iron output.

"Two restrictions" means no restrictions on enterprises achieving ultra-low emission grade A;

Not limited to electric furnace short process steelmaking enterprises.

But the so-called is not limited, to let the enterprise to achieve the same period does not increase production.

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