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The Difference Between Trivalent Chromium Galvanizing (CR3+) And Hexavalent Chromium Galvanizing (CR6+).

The Difference Between Trivalent Chromium Galvanizing(CR3+) And Hexavalent Chromium Galvanizing(CR6+)

1. Toxicity and pollution levels differences in chemical drum accessories

Trivalent: the price of trivalent chromium is higher, but the toxicity is low, only 1% of hexavalent chromium and the passivation effect is also good.

It can meet the requirement of 72-hour salt spray white rust less than 5%, the harm of chromium 3 is small, and the pollution degree of chromium 3 plating is reduced.

Hexavalent: Hexavalent chromium passivation process has many advantages, such as high corrosion resistance, self-healing ability of self-repair corrosion resistance, can easily passivation out of silver, blue and white, colorful, military green, black and other colors, raw material sources are wide and cheap.

However, hexavalent chromium is a carcinogen and has serious harm to the environment and human health.

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2. The urgency of trivalent passivation:

The European Union signed a decree in Brussels in 2003 banning the use of hexavalent chromium in vehicle materials and parts from 1 January 2003.

Since August 13, 2004, the use of hexavalent chromium passivation process has been stopped in China's production of export products.

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