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Steel Drum Products For Packaging Food Have Safety Risks! Do You Know How To Control It?

1. Improving the regulatory system and increasing the intensity of supervision and spot checks

Steel Drum Products For Packaging Food Have Safety Risks! Do You Know How To Control It?

Chinese government departments should formulate strict laws, regulations and standards related to food packaging safety to be in line with international standards. Strengthen food packaging material safety risk monitoring and supervision and random inspections, expand the scope, types and testing items of monitoring and random inspections, and improve the risk monitoring system. Clarify the legal responsibilities of the production enterprises and the supervision responsibilities of the supervisory department, and form an efficient management system that combines legislation and supervision.

2. Strengthening the post-licensing supervision of certified companies

At present, plastic food packaging products and paper packaging products have been included in the scope of production license management. However, after some companies are certified, their management and quality control methods are mere formal or non-existent. Therefore, post-license supervision is to ensure the effectiveness of license management. One of the key links, the recommended supervision content includes the random inspection of raw and auxiliary materials procurement verification, the random inspection of key points in the production process and the traceability record, and the random inspection of potential risk factors for product safety.

3. Strengthen standard formulation and revision work

Government departments should improve the regulations and standards related to food packaging safety and strictly implement them to provide an effective guarantee for the safety of food packaging. Although my country has issued a series of implementation standards for food contact materials and products, it still faces many problems such as insufficient product standards and serious lack of method standards. Relevant agencies should step up the development of relevant standards and improve the standard system.

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