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The 100th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Party, A Centennial Memorabilia Of China's Steel Drum Packaging Industry!


British Asia Oil Company established China's first steel barrel factory in Yingkou, China-Asia Oil Company Yingkou Oil Depot. Later, Mobil Oil Company established China's second steel barrel factory in Shanghai.


Foreign oil companies such as Texaco Oil Company, Shell Oil Company, and Asia Oil Company have successively established more steel barrel factories in China. At that time, 53-gallon gasoline barrels and square barrels filled with kerosene were mainly produced. Products are produced according to foreign standards.


There are six steel barrel manufacturing plants in China, namely Yingkou Cooperage Factory, Shanghai Gaoqiao Cooperage Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ranhua Cooperage Co., Baoji Cooperage Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Cooperage Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Cooperage Co., Ltd. The total annual output of steel drums nationwide is about 1 million.


China released the first national standard for steel drums GB325-64 "200-liter closed steel drums." Although there is only one specification variety, steel drum products finally have their own national standards.


At the time of China's reform and opening up, there were about 100 steel drum manufacturers, mainly producing 200-liter closed steel drums. The total annual output of 200-liter steel drums was about 18 million.


China has released the revised version of the national standard for steel drums GB325-84 "200-liter closed steel drums". There is still only one specification, but the technology is more mature.

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