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Four ways to create differentiation:

1. Be the first:

Many people can’t figure out the difference between “becoming number one” and “leadership”. The biggest difference is that “becoming number one” is to be done, and “leadership” is used to shout. "Being number one" means being the first to do something to create a new category or represent an existing category in the minds of customers. The first of the nine differentiating methods is "becoming number one", which shows that it is very important.

2. Occupy characteristics:

Mr. Trout wrote an article on the importance of "occupancy characteristics".

Why are features so important? The fundamental reason is that behind the characteristics are customer interests, and behind the customer interests are customer needs, and characteristics can directly meet customer needs. There are many features in a category. If you have the ability, you should try to occupy the top features (more favored by potential customers), and the potential market is larger.

Which feature you want to grab depends on which is not occupied by the opponent and how many resources are available. Another point is that the ranking of characteristics is not static, it will change due to the efforts of the enterprise and changes in external perceptions.

3. Leadership:

This is the most appealing concept of differentiation, which can eliminate consumer insecurity, because although consumers sympathize with the weak, they believe in the strong, and leading brands can often endorse categories. When it comes to seeking leadership, it is better to express it more dramatically than to go straight.

4. Classic:

The long history allows consumers to feel safe when choosing. Trout once said: Any strategy that can help customers overcome insecurity is a good strategy.

In addition to history, the origin is also a classic. To give an example, Zhang Duck served by Trout Company in the past, its slogan is: sells millions of ducks a year, it is delicious for three generations. Among them, the ancestral three generations used "classic". It is really delicious because it wants to occupy the characteristic of "delicious". "Sold millions a year" means "best seller". These two short slogans are used at the same time. The three differences are very powerful.

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