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The Development Of IBC in The Current Market Is Getting Better

The Development Of IBC in The Current Market Is Getting Better

The development of IBC in the current market is getting better. The use method of container barrels is quite simple and convenient. There is a valve under the container barrel that can put materials. When you unscrew the valve, you can discharge the materials, which is quite convenient. And it can also reduce trouble during storage and transportation. Therefore, such a product is worth the majority of consumers to choose.

Plastic packaging is the development direction of packaging industry in recent years, especially replacing glass containers with plastic containers. Steel containers have become the development direction of most liquid product packaging. After China’s entry into WTO, the export trade has developed rapidly. The pace of replacing steel containers with 200L barrels and IBC ton barrels is accelerating, which has greatly stimulated the development of large hollow container industry.

IBC ton barrel is composed of inner container and metal frame. The inner container is blow molded with high molecular weight and high density polyethylene, with high strength, corrosion resistance and good sanitation. With the external metal frame, it is more safe and reliable. The product structure is reasonable, firm and solid. It can be loaded and unloaded directly by forklift and can be stacked for storage. The bottom of the product is equipped with a liquid discharge valve, which is convenient, rapid, thorough, safe, easy to clean, can be reused for many times, saves energy and is conducive to environmental protection.

IBC ton barrel filling and storage:

1. When using ton barrels, first open the filling port cover, and then fill the liquid from the filling port at the top. Tighten all seals before handling.

2. The maximum filling capacity of this container is 1000 liters.

1. When using, pay attention to storage under a canopy to avoid exposure to the sun. The maximum service temperature (packaging, canning, storage, transportation, unloading and cleaning, etc.) is 70 ℃. The minimum storage temperature is - 40 ℃.

Short comments: It is forbidden to strike the can body with hard objects. When operating the valve, close and place it gently, and do not lose any parts on the valve.

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