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The Use Of Brown Control Bottle And Transparent Control Bottle

The brown control bottle is literally understood as a control bottle with a brown body color. Its characteristic is to avoid the corrosiveness of light. Although the color is brown, the brown control bottle has high transparency and novel bottle shape. The brown control bottle as a packaging is a very reassuring packaging material. This is also inseparable from the advantages of the brown control bottle, which is the chemical stability that we often see. 

Let's assume that if the packaging chemistry of the item is not Stable, dissolved harmful substances or metamorphosed with the contents, it will directly endanger our health. The brown control bottle is used in the packaging of any article, and there will be no chemical reaction, which can ensure the quality when eating. Customize according to customer requirements.

In order to effectively control the quality of packaging materials and improve the safety of the packaging, these standards starting with YBB involve more test items than the original national standards, and the requirements are increased, especially for glass containers. aspect. For example, all kinds of glass bottles have increased the requirements on the thermal expansion coefficient of glass, the content of boron oxide and the leaching amount of arsenic, antimony, and lead.

The transparent control bottle also has its advantages. Its bottle body is transparent, the characteristics are imaginable, the transparency is good, the intuitiveness is good, and the surface is crystal clear. The bottle body is smooth and flat to be able to print words, print trademarks, pictures, warnings, slogans, etc., but the light-proofness is not as good as the brown control bottle. Although the intuitiveness of the brown control bottle is also very good, it is relatively inferior compared with the transparent glass bottle.

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