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Indonesia Proposes To Impose Anti-dumping Duty On Chinese Alloy Hot Rolled Coil

Indonesia Proposes To Impose Anti-dumping Duty On Chinese Alloy Hot Rolled Coil

Indonesia's Anti-Dumping Committee(KADI) has proposed that final anti-dumping duties of 7.2%-50.2% be levied on alloy-added hot rolled coil originating from China. This recommendation will now be forwarded to the Finance Ministry before a decision is made on implementation。

The targeted products are categorized under HS code 7225.30.90 and are alloy-added HRC which contain0.0008-0.003% boron content and/or less than and equal 0.025% titanium. In KADI's report released last week on the findings of its anti-dumping investigation, it specifies the grade of HRC as SAPH310, SPHC, SPHD, SPHE, SPFH490, S20C, SAE1045. The table below shows the final anti-dumping margins determined by KADI.

“It will be enforced when the Minister of Finance releases a decree of the issue based on the recommendation of KADI,” a Jakarta-based industry source says. “Usually it [KADI's recommendation] will be upheld,” he adds.  "The KADI final report was just released. It may take another 60-75 days before the duties can be effective," a Jakarta trader says. KADI began its anti-dumping investigation in March 2020 after receiving an anti-dumping application from PT Krakatau Steel which produces 60% of HRC in the country.

Short comments: the anti-dumping application tax will definitely cause the rising price of the steel in Indonesia, as well as the average price of China steel factory, we use cold-rolled steel now, and the price maintain at a average level now, please contact us for more information about drum closure.

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