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VOCs Governance System Safety Accidents, Potential Safety Risks And Control Recommendations

In recent years, China has been strengthening atmospheric environmental governance and taking a series of measures to reduce VOCs emissions. VOCs are a general term for one or more volatile air pollutants, including alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, etc., which exist in all kinds of equipment involving petrochemical materials. For chemical enterprises, the key work of tail gas treatment is VOCs treatment.

1. Chemical and related areas of common VOCs governance

Change the material. The material containing low volatile organic compounds is used instead of the material containing high volatile organic compounds.

2. Change the process. Develop a process with fewer production procedures to replace the production process with complex production processes to reduce exhaust emissions in the process.

3. Reduce unorganized emissions. Strengthen VOCs containing materials omni-directional, full chain, full link airtight management, storage tank, reactor efficient sealing, the implementation of closed operation; The production workshop implements airtight management to reduce exhaust gas escaping.

4. Reduce leaks. Maintain pumps, pipelines and other equipment and facilities to minimize leakage of materials during transportation.

5. Bottom load. The bottom loading method is adopted for oil filling, and the oil and gas generated during oil filling is collected and recovered airtight.

6. Centralized governance. Supporting construction of VOCs collection and treatment facilities, the production system exhaust for unified recovery, centralized treatment, such as the use of regenerative combustion (RTO), catalytic combustion (RCO), direct combustion (TO), activated carbon adsorption desorption, low temperature plasma and other treatment processes.

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