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Why Is Winter Bad For Coating Construction

Why Is Winter Bad For Coating Construction

1. Storage and transportation problems

For liquid coatings, there will be a melting point problem, northern China in November basically fell below the freezing point, it is obvious that in this case, water-based coatings must be frozen, paint generally lower melting point, but in the cold northern regions if there is no heating storage environment there is also the possibility of freezing. There are problems with storage and transportation, let alone construction.

2. low temperature lead to slow solvent volatilization

The drying speed of coating is an important indicator in the process of coating construction. The temperature in summer is too high and the solvent volatilizes too fast, resulting in poor coating leveling. The low temperature in winter leads to the solvent volatilizes too slowly, and the coating is easy to flow, or the drying time and its slow. Coating does not stem can be infected with dust, working procedure interval is prolonged, construction cycle delays greatly.

Although it can be adjusted by adding less diluent (adjustable range is not large) or using characteristic diluent (winter fast volatile diluent), the overall effect is not very ideal.

For customers with low temperature of 0℃ or factory construction, the construction can be smooth if the thinner is used in winter.

Note: The adjustment of diluent is mainly for paint, while waterborne paint because the diluent is a single water, the specific heat capacity of water (absorption of the same heat, temperature rise rate, the greater the value, the slower the temperature rise) is the largest in the liquid, in winter, even the temperature below 10℃, we need to pay attention to the construction of waterborne paint drying situation.

3. Low temperature leads to slow down of crosslinking reaction

I'm sure you all know that coatings have one component and two component. In short,

The drying rate of a single component coating is basically related to the solvent volatilization rate, the solvent went out of the film;

In addition to the volatilization of solvent, two-component coatings can also be accompanied by chemical reactions in the process of film formation. Temperature is the most important factor affecting the speed of chemical reaction, low temperature will even cause a lot of chemical reaction to stop, low temperature two-component coating reaction speed is very slow, even if it looks like solvent volatilization also has no good performance of the paint film.

The actual situation is that the performance of the two-component coating itself is far better than the single-component coating, so the cross-linking reaction can make the performance of the coating more stable, such as the tolerance of the medium, solvent wipe resistance and other performance, almost the same grade of single-component coating, two-component is far better than a single component. However, if the crosslinking reaction is not complete, the performance will be worse.

Short comments: Coating construction and climate are closely related, the change of temperature and humidity affect the quality of its construction and final product greatly, no matter what the construction of the season needs to follow the main points of construction. Any confusion or problems during construction need to contact the manufacturer's technical personnel or check the instructions in time. The coating process of painted drum closure is also the same.

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