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200 Liter Standard Steel Drum Manufacturing Process

200 Liter Standard Steel Drum Manufacturing Process

The technological process of barrel making is more complex, and it is generally assembled after the processing of all parts. Steel drum is generally composed of barrel body, barrel bottom, barrel top, sealer and other four parts.

200 liter standard steel drum manufacturing process

Take 200 liter closed steel drum as an example, its manufacturing process is shown in Figure 3-1. The process of other steel drums is roughly similar to it, with different materials and equipment, the process is also different.

The flow chart not only includes the steel barrel bung production process of flat steel as raw material, but also includes the steel barrel production process of coil plate as raw material, also includes the process flow of semi-automatic seam welding machine and the process flow of automatic seam welding machine, and also includes the process flow of cleaning phosphating treatment and inner spraying.

The process of uncoiling, leveling and sizing is the most advanced blanking technology in China. For the use of flat material production enterprises, "roll plate uncoiling leveling" process is only blanking this one.

Steel drum closure technology 

When using semi-automatic seam welding machine to produce barrel body, it is necessary to grind edge, roll round, spot welding positioning, seam welding several processes; When using automatic seam welding machine, these processes are combined into seam welding, that is, the dotted line in the figure of the process.

Bucket body and bucket bottom top cleaning phosphating process, actually including degreasing, cleaning, rust removal, cleaning, phosphating, drying several processes, this is a cleaning production line. For different enterprises, different user requirements, some or all of them can be omitted.

The internal coating drying process includes the barrel body coating, the bottom of the barrel top coating, coating film drying several processes, in some enterprises, this is also a production line. As shown in the figure, the position of the inner coating drying process is the inner coating process of the closed steel drum. For the open steel drum, the inner coating can be carried out at the same time with the outer coating after the sealing of the drum bottom and barrel body.

In fact, G2 and G3/4 drum cap sealer is slightly different in the production process of screw ring and plug. In the actual production of G3/4 sealers, two steps of deep drawing and finishing should be added respectively.

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