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Notice On The Key Work Of Brand Construction In The Packaging Industry In 2021

Packing Association of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities under separate state planning (Packing Association and Packing Office), China Packing Professional Committees, Member Units and Packaging Enterprises:

For the practice of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the importance of "three changes", implement the butcher the implementation of The General Office of the State Council about to carry out the consumer goods industry "the doctrine of" special action to create a good market environment to several opinions (countries do hair [2016] no. 40), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce on accelerating the development of China's packaging industry transformation guidelines "(consumer's al [2016] no. 397) requirements, nurture more packaging good brand in China, now has 2021 packaging industry brand cultivation evaluation weight narrow work order is as follows:

I. Continue to organize and carry out excellent brand cultivation and evaluation activities.

To deepen the excellent brand cultivation and evaluation work of the packaging industry for more than ten years, further improve the excellent brand cultivation system, give play to the brand demonstration effect, and continue to cultivate and evaluate a number of outstanding strengths, social responsibility and good reputation of excellent brand enterprises and products.

(1) Requirements for declaration

Applicant for excellent brand enterprises and excellent brand products must comply with the following basic rules:

1. The applicant must be legally registered in China and have the legal person status;

2. The applicant has a registered trademark for the enterprise and its products;

3. The applicant has a good operating condition, and its main economic indicators, such as output value, sales revenue, total export, net profit, tax payment and R&D expenses, rank in the forefront of the industry;

4. To declare that the quality management system of the enterprise is in good operation and effective operation, indicating that there has been a major quality liability accident;

5. The products of the applicant have passed the national product quality inspection;

6, the brand awareness and reputation of the declaration are in the forefront of similar products in China.

Please see the attachment for the detailed declaration information.

(2) Form and time of declaration

The deadline for voluntary enterprise declaration is April 20.

(3) Declaration materials

The paper application materials should be made in one copy (see attachment) and bound into a volume of A4 paper. An electronic document, an electronic version of the brand LOGO and an enterprise LOGO CD containing the same content (please provide the scanned copy for certificate materials).

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