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40th Anniversary Celebration Conference Of China Packaging Federation & 2020 Packaging Industry Summit Forum

40th Anniversary Celebration Conference Of China Packaging Federation & 2020 Packaging Industry Summit Forum

On December 24, 2020, the 40th anniversary conference of China Packaging Federation and the 2020 Packaging Industry Summit Forum was held in Hainan. More than 400 people attended the conference, including representatives of China Packaging Hall of Fame, vice presidents, honorary vice presidents, supervisors, executive directors, directors, leaders of local packaging organizations, award winning representatives, member representatives and colleagues in packaging and upstream and downstream industries. Various international packaging organizations and partners expressed their congratulations to the conference via video.

The meeting kicked off in the majestic National Anthem of the People's Republic of China. Forty years ago, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council showed great foresight and approved the establishment of China Packaging Technology Association and China Packaging Corporation, which started the establishment of modern packaging industry system in China. It opened the prelude of the construction and development of China's packaging industry and the pilot reform of management system. On December 19, 1980, China Packaging Technology Association held its inaugural meeting in Chongqing, becoming the first national industrial association in China. Today, 40 years later, the packaging industry, as an independent industry, has entered almost all the places from the central to the province, city, prefecture, and county; Covering typical industries, such as food, medicine, machinery, electronics, and military packaging, forming a complete and mature modern packaging industry system.

At the conference, Li Hua, President of China Packaging Federation, delivered a theme report entitled "Leading Green Development in the New Era; New Responsibilities to Build a Powerful Packaging Country". Li Hua would like to express his deep memory to the party and state leaders of the older generation who have provided the kind care and guidance to the packaging industry over the past 40 years, to Qiu Chunfu, the founding leader of the association, and his successive leaders, and to express his deep gratitude to all the packaging colleagues. He stressed that he believed that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China's packaging industry would take new steps with a new spirit of responsibility and create new brilliance. Then, Chairman Li Hua made a speech from the three dimensions of "groundbreaking all-round development of packaging industry since the reform and opening up", "current and future situation analysis" and "fully implement the concept of green development and promote the construction of packaging power".

Finally, the conference read out the "packaging industry to accelerate green development and promote ecological construction" initiative. China Packaging Federation to the whole industry initiative: improve ideological understanding, gather industry consensus; Product innovation leading, standard technical support; Actively fulfilling responsibilities and advocating green life.

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