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10 Questions About Waterborne Paint?

1. What is the adhesion of water-based paint?

Adhesion is better than oil drum closure (not including inferior water-based paint), dry quickly at room temperature, and has excellent rust resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

2. Why is waterborne paint more resistant to yellowing than paint?

Because the waterborne paint film does not contain yellowing material, and the oil nitro contains a lot of nitrocellulose, PU contains a lot of TDI and other yellowing material.

3. Does the water-based paint have good flexibility?

The softness of waterborne paint is incomparable to paint, because waterborne paint film is almost pure resin crosslinked, and nitro contains a lot of nitrocellulose, PU contains a lot of TDI which is easy to break the chain.

4. Can waterborne paint cause wood cracking?

No, in a sense, but easy to achieve a certain anti-cracking function.

Wood has hydrophilic characteristics, nanometer level water-based resin can penetrate into the material with the wood pipe to a certain depth, after drying and curing, these infiltrated resins can be very good glue wood fiber, should play the function of slowing down wood cracking, rather than the furniture coated with water-based paint will be easier to crack.

5. Water paint will improve the moisture content of wood?

No, the details are as follows:

(1) Calculation of wood moisture content and wood moisture content:

In a piece of 1M*1M, thickness of 1CM of solid wood calculation, the general furniture enterprises used in the processing of solid wood moisture content of 12% (moisture content is the weight of the water contained in the wood, and absolutely dry wood weight percentage).

(2) Water content of wood coated with water-based paint:

The theoretical calculation is as follows, according to the water paint solid 40%(60% of which is water), artificial spraying amount of 10㎡/kg and spraying utilization rate of 40%(the highest) calculation, equal to the water spray to the wood is 24g/m2, after spraying the natural drying process, about 50% of the water will be external volatilization, finally wood on the water adsorption amount of about 12g/m2.

(3) Wood once the first layer of film closed, the second layer of spray water will not enter, unless the first layer of primer is not waterproof.

(4) The actual water absorption of the positive surface of wood is very poor, and the water enters the wood mainly at the end. If the end is closed as early as possible in the process of furniture manufacturing, the water content of wood is more difficult to change.

6. What is the hardness of waterborne paint?

Single component hardness Hb ~ 1H, equivalent to nitrocellulose paint;

The hardness of the two components is 1 ~ 2H, which is similar to the PU paint.

7. What is the sealing property of water-based paint?

Very good, when the waterborne paint film to the stable period, its permeated wood fiber resin and the surface of the resin will be dense cross-linked, and will not be due to the creep of wood and micro-crack, will have better sealing than oil drum plug.

8. Is water-based paint resistant to 100℃ boiling water?

Poor is not resistant to cold water, can have white shadow, bubble or infiltration, good water-based paint heat-resistant water, without reaction.

9. How about the acid and alkali resistance of water-based paint?

All can pass the national standard detection with oily paint, some items are better than oily paint, such as alcohol resistance.

10. Can waterborne paint achieve the luster of oily paint?

Light is less one minute or so, if paint of mono component water in water can achieve 8 spectral, double components can achieve 9 spectral, but dumb light can compare paint more dumbs.

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