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Maintenance and Repair of 200L Old Steel Drum

1. The open-air steel drum storage yard should not be located near railways and highways, but there should be dedicated roads; It is also not suitable to be located at the foot of a steep mountain. The site should be solid and flat with a height of 0.2m above the ground. There should be drainage facilities around the site. The stacked 200L steel drums should be protected by walls with a height of about 0.5m. To avoid direct sunlight, broadleaf trees can be planted around.

2. The 200L steel drums on the field should be laid down, double rows side by side, with the bottoms of the drums facing each other, the mouth of the drums facing outwards, and the mouth facing upwards. The lying height shall not exceed three floors. When 200L steel drums are used to carry light dangerous goods, the body of the drum is against the ground at 75°, and rainwater accumulates on the surface of the drum and submerges the mouth of the drum.

3. Regardless of whether it is placed horizontally or inclined, it should be placed in separate piles. A certain waterproof distance should be maintained between each pile. The length of the pile should not exceed 25m, the width should not exceed 15m, and the distance between piles should not be less than 3m to prevent cargo leakage. By following these simple guidelines, the steel drum parts can be safely stored, and any risk of contamination or damage can be mitigated, effectively enhancing storage efficiency and overall safety

4. Electrical equipment should not be installed in the venue, lighting devices can be installed outside the venue, and fire-fighting equipment should be equipped.

5. Keep the ground clean to facilitate timely detection and treatment of 200L steel drum leakage.

6. Keep the body and surface of the 200l steel drum clean with clear markings. The steel drum should be checked frequently for leaks and whether the mark on the drum surface is clear. By dong this, the steel drum's integrity can be maintained, and any issues with steel drum closures can be resolved early on, reducing the risk of damage or contamination of contents and enhancing long-term usage.

7. Tighten the closure cap to keep the drum sealed. It is best to use a plastic cover to keep the mouth of the 200L steel drum clean and free from moisture and impurities.

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