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Barrel Mouth Parts And Gasket Influence On Drum Leakage

Barrel Mouth Parts And Gasket Influence On Drum Leakage

The flange

(1) Material cause. When producing flanges, due to multiple stamping and stretching, the strength of steel plates with high carbon content varies, hardness increases and cracks occur at the flange mouth when riveting and pressing.

(2) The flange material is too thin. When the thickness of the strip is less than or equal to 2.6mm, the thickness of the flanging part of the flange mouth becomes thinner, and the mechanical strength of the flange mouth after riveting and locking is weakened. When the pressure in the steel drum increases to the specified value, leakage occurs.

The thread of the flange is not perpendicular to the axis. When the plug is screwed into the flange, the sealing ring on the plug is not balanced, resulting in leakage at the barrel mouth.

Barrel Mouth Parts And Gasket Influence On Drum Leakage

2. The sealing gasket

Sealing gasket is an important factor to ensure the sealing performance of two ports. In production, if the selection and improper treatment will cause leakage.

First, the material of the sealing gasket should be adapted to the contents of the steel drum and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and flexible bremsstrahlung.

Second, the size should conform to the standard. The inner hole of the gasket is too large, the flange is not positioned properly and the seal is not strict. The liner inner hole is too small, installation is difficult, easy to fracture when riveting. At present, the barrel with sealing gasket manufacturers, specifications and shapes. Only section shape has square, rectangle, oblate, round; The section of the same factory for the circular sealing gasket, and can be divided into φ2.5mm and φ3.2mm and other specifications.

Short comments: It is very necessary to select the factory for full inspection of the products. Our Xuheng Metal is the factory for strict full inspection to prevent leakage caused by flange and apron problems.

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