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CPLF 2021 8th Chemical Packaging, Storage And Transportation Forum And Product Exhibition And Exchange Meeting To Meet You in Suzhou

CPLF 2021 8th Chemical Packaging, Storage And Transportation Forum And Product Exhibition And Exchange Meeting To Meet You in Suzhou

2021 CPLF conference starts! CPLF 2021 (the 8th) chemical packaging, storage and transportation forum and product exhibition and exchange conference hosted by Yimao will be held in Suzhou from November 11 to 12, 2021.

CPLF 2021 will hold flexible transportation packaging industry conference, IBC ton barrel technology seminar, tank container logistics market forum, agrochemical packaging technology seminar, food storage and transportation packaging seminar and other special meetings in the same period.

At that time, more than 800 professionals from chemical & food end users, various packaging container manufacturers, packaging production equipment enterprises, filling and auxiliary packaging equipment, logistics enterprises and raw material additives enterprises will gather to focus on hot topics such as packaging supply chain safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, analyze existing problems in chemical packaging, storage and transportation industry and capture new market opportunities.

Commodities involved in exhibition:

Plastic packaging: IBC ton barrels, plastic barrels, plastic bottles, plastic turnover boxes

Metal packaging: stainless steel IBC, steel drum, steel turnover box, tinplate chemical tank, tank box

Flexible packaging: container bag, woven bag, FFS, liquid bag, container lining bag

Paper packaging: paper bags, cardboard barrels, cartons

Auxiliary packaging: tray, label, bottle cap, winding film, buffer packaging

Equipment enterprises: filling equipment, all kinds of packaging production equipment, palletizer, logistics equipment

End users involved:

Liquid chemical industry: petrochemical raw materials, base oils, lubricants, coatings, agrochemicals, resins, surface active adhesives, polyurethane, glycerin, polyether, dyestuff, electronic chemistry, automotive chemistry, hydrochloric acid, disinfectant, emulsion, additives. (including pharmaceutical intermediates).

Solid chemical industry: EPS, plastic particles (polyolefin), mortar, waterproof coiled material, titanium dioxide, calcium oxide, carbon black, chemical fertilizer, nylon, rubber body, soda ash

Food raw materials: starch, yeast, concentrated fruit juice, edible oil products, dairy products, health products

Food additives: flavors, fragrances, sweeteners, enzymes, syrup, lactic acid...

Short Comments: 8th CPLF hosted by Yimao is approaching in Suzhou from November 11 to 12, 2021. Packaging industries including metal, plastic, paper, flexibility, auxiliary and equipment ones will be exhibited in the forum. Apart from that, drum closures, as part of the metal drum packaging, is also encompassed.

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