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Complete Solution Of Packaging Technology Standards In North America

The packaging technical standards involved in this chapter are shown in the table below.

Complete Solution Of Packaging Technology Standards In North America

Internationally recognized standard definitions refer to definitions and related discussions that are generally recognized and adopted by the international community and expressed in ISO documents. The following is the definition given by the "ISO Guidelines-Part II" paraphrase in the "Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology" in the United States:

Standard (standard)-based on the reliable conclusions of science, technology and experience, through the cooperation of all relevant parties and in the case of consensus and universal recognition, jointly formulated with the purpose of promoting the best benefits, by the state, Open and standardized technical documents approved by regional or internationally recognized groups.

Regarding the purpose and significance of standardization, the general summary in the "Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology" in the United States is also adopted:

——Provide communication tools for all relevant members;

——Save manpower, materials and energy in the process of production and circulation;

——Protect the interests of consumers with fully consistent product quality and services;

——Improve the quality of human life, ensure safety, health and protect the environment;

——Eliminate obstacles due to differences in the practices of various countries in order to promote international trade.

In short, in order to communicate with each other, reduce differences, improve quality, ensure safety and promote free trade.

Short comment: The article mainly explains the packaging technology standards in North America. For steel drum packaging, international standards must also be followed. Our company's steel drum closures, cap seal and clamps are all in line with international standards. Customers can buy with confidence.

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