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Environmental Progress Of Steel Barrel Sealer

The electroplating, coating and other processes of steel drums in the production process are the major causes of water pollution and air pollution.

So in the cause of environmental protection, our steel barrel industry still has a long way to go.

In order to solve the pollution of electroplating, we learn the advanced experience of foreign countries and study the latest technology carefully. Now, Nanjing Ningrong steel barrel seal factory has taken the lead.

According to the regulations of environmental law, in the near future, the application of hexavalent chromium in galvanizing will be eliminated worldwide. Nanjing Ningrong Steel Barrels Sealer Factory has developed a new trivalent chromium passivation process, which can not only protect our environment, but also provide a safe workplace.

At present, Nanjing Ningrong company is the first in China's packaging industry to take the lead in the realization of trivalent chromium plating process. The application of this technology will reduce the environmental pollution caused by the use of hexavalent chromium in the electroplating process and improve the product performance.

It is believed that Nanjing Ningrong trivalent chromium passivated steel barrel sealant will bring environmental protection progress to China's packaging industry. Every time when the haze shrouds, we all feel panic and helpless. If we can make any contribution to environmental protection and reduce pollution, we will feel excited.

As shown in the figure below, the gold closure on the left is hexavalent chromium passivation, and the platinum closure on the right is trivalent chromium passivation.

Environmental Progress Of Steel Barrel Sealer

Chromium passivation layer is located in the top layer of galvanized sealant, and its existence is very important for the antirust ability of the sealant and the adhesion force of the outer paint.

The use of trivalent chromium passivation will reduce the impact on the environment and human health, while improving the performance of the product.

● Excellent anti-rust ability

● Proven structure and performance by industry leaders

● Fully in line with environmental protection requirements

● Provide safer workplaces

At present, trivalent chromium passivation is adopted as the standard galvanizing process in all steel barrel closure plants in China.

Through the technical support of domestic steel barrel experts and the daily mold setting inspection, the steel barrel sealant of Nanjing Ningrong not only protects the products and environment of the steel barrel users, but also achieves a higher performance level.

The chromium passivation layer provides the greatest protection for the drum closure. According to the regulations of environmental law, in the near future, the application of hexavalent chromium in galvanizing will be eliminated worldwide. In order to replace hexavalent chromium, Nanjing Ningrong has developed a new trivalent chromium passivation, which changes the color of the galvanizing seal from gold to platinum. In addition to protecting our environment, trivalent chromium passivation provides superior rust resistance.

Nanjing Ning Rong to protect the environment and make admirable efforts, we are waiting for the trivalent chromium closure can become the domestic steel barrel closure of the mainstream.

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