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Why Do Steel Drum Bung Use R-Type Plug Barrel?

Standard steel barrels have a plug barrel made of steel. A gasket is designed at the cylindrical neck of the plug, just under the edge. Due to these designs, when the plug is tightened, the gasket may be squeezed out from between the plug and the flange. This situation is often referred to as "gasket blowout," which can cause serious malfunctions during automatic filling line installation. For standard plug barrel designs, when the plug is removed, the gasket may sometimes be "stuck" on the flange, and this "jamming" effect can cause the gasket to get stuck or damaged and fall into the barrel, contaminating the product stored in the steel barrel and possibly causing blockages in the filling line.

R plug barrel solution

The unique R plug barrel design, for G2 steel and plastic plug barrels, can keep the gasket securely fixed to the plug. When the steel plug barrel is tightened to the recommended torque value, the inclined gasket neck "fixed ring" reduces the risk of gasket blowout. The fixed ring on the neck of the plug can ensure that the gasket stays in the correct position when the plug is unscrewed, thus reducing the risk of jamming.  In conclusion, the R plug barrel design is a reliable and safe choice of barrel cap seal for businesses that value product protection and quality packaging solutions.

R plug barrel performance

As expected by international industrial packaging steel barrel closure standard setters, the R plug barrel has been widely recognized by users during use. The technical center provides a range of manual and pneumatic installation and removal tools to support the sealing and opening of steel and plastic plug barrels. A professional global technical team provides users with practical advice to achieve the best plug barrel application and sealing performance. The R G2 steel plug barrel and plastic plug barrel can be matched with standard G2 drum flange with maximum performance.

Choosing the R plug barrel

  • The design of the R steel plug barrel is suitable for all standard G2 steel and plastic plug barrels.

  • Standard steel plug barrels should be galvanized to prevent corrosion. For special purposes, stainless steel, phosphating or tin-plated low-carbon steel can also be used.

  • Standard G2 plastic plug barrels can be made of white PP, PE or nylon materials. Owing to their versatility and durability, plastic barrel plugs have become an essential component in various applications and industries.

  • All standard G2 plastic plug barrels used for steel drums must be evaluated and approved by the user and marked accordingly.

Advantages of the R plug barrel

  • The plug barrel can be opened more quickly and easily.

  • The unique fixed ring design means there is no more risk of "jamming" or causing the gasket to fall into the barrel.

  • The cone-shaped gasket neck design means there is no more risk of "gasket blowout" or causing malfunctions in the filling line.

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