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How To Prevent Quality Problems Caused By Human Operation Errors in Steel Drum Production

Generally speaking, appearance defects require 100% visual inspection, and it is indeed easy to cause missed inspections.

But it is still possible to find the reasons and formulate improvement measures from the following aspects.

■ Whether the appearance inspection standards are specific, clear, and agreed with customers.

■ Whether the appearance standards have been clearly and clearly communicated to employees.

■ Whether the job planning is reasonable.

■ Whether a quality warning card is posted for frequently occurring appearance defects to remind employees to pay special attention.

■ The most important thing is whether to find the cause at the source, and strive to reduce and eliminate appearance defects.

Short comment: The appearance of steel drum production prevention methods can also be applied to the production of steel drum accessories. The steel barrel accessories produced by Xuheng, such as drum closure, cap seal, clamp, etc., meet the market requirements, and the appearance and quality are guaranteed.

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