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Simulation Design Of Metal Packaging Container

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), also known as computer-aided manufacturing technology, is the use of computer aids to complete the production process from product return, processing to assembly products. Metal packaging container CAM requires CAD design of metal packaging container to generate structural parameters, forming process and forming quantitative data about metal packaging container, and complete the preparation of numerical control programs, and then use numerical control machine tools for processing and forming. Metal container CAD and CAM technology greatly improves product design and production efficiency.

When metal packaging containers are actually used, they must go through the process of filling, storage, transportation, and sales of the inner products, and they must have sufficient strength to ensure the safety of the inner products. When users use metal-packaged products, they should also be easy to open and handle. Therefore, on the premise of protecting the safety of the inner product, the metal packaging container must have the characteristics of being convenient for users to use and handle. The design of the structure, function, capacity, strength and other properties of metal packaging containers is a systematic and comprehensive process of multiple factors. The use of CAD and CAM technology can realize the computer design of metal packaging containers, quantify the structure, forming method and forming process of metal containers, and use numerical control equipment for processing. However, the strength and service life design of metal packaging containers, as well as the reduction and optimization of the structure, often rely on CAE technology.

Short comment: When used in metal drum, its accessories should not be ignored. The packaging accessories provided by CX are drum closure, cap seal, drum lock ring, clamp and bolt.

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