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Technical Difficulties in Steel Barrel Production: What Kind of Process Technology Should be Emphasized in Development?


The roll sealing technology of steel drums. In order to reduce the leakage rate of steel drums, various enterprises have done a lot of work to improve their technological level. However, the leakage problem of steel drums is still the biggest technical problem that plagues steel drum production enterprises. The difficulty of improving the process quality is relatively large, and we should focus on developing new process methods or product structures to completely eliminate the leakage problem of steel drum rolling edge.

Environmental protection technology issues in steel drum coating. Relying solely on pollution control efficiency is not good, and the situation of being passively beaten always exists. The application of water-based paint is not yet popular, and the efficiency is not very good. If the technology of covering iron with iron can be widely applied, it should be the best way to solve environmental protection problems.

Improving the yield of finished products in production. In some enterprises, the scrap rate of middle-section forming process of steel drums is high, and the waste drums are all treated as scrap steel, causing great waste and not meeting the requirements of green environmental protection. How to improve the yield of steel drum forming and how to use waste rationally are problems that need to be solved.

The scrap rate of stamping is relatively high. Some enterprises' technology of bottom cover stamping or mold is relatively backward, with low stamping efficiency and high scrap rate. They should strive to use advanced stamping equipment and molds and corresponding new stamping device technology.

The usage of special steel drum products is increasing, and ultra-thin or ultra-thick steel drum products are becoming more common. Corresponding data and experience are relatively scarce in the forming process, and enterprise technology and skills need to be adapted accordingly, and risks also increase. Therefore, equipment manufacturing enterprises should increase investment in the development of forming technology for new materials to reduce pressure on enterprises. In addition, the straight edges, stamping cracks, and wrinkles of the barrel body are also common problems. The straight edges of the barrel body seriously affect the surface appearance quality and use of the product, especially for products with roundness requirements. Correcting the barrel roundness increased the cost of the production process, and many enterprises cannot meet the user's requirements for the appearance quality of the product; in addition, improving the stamping lubricant formula or mold structure can reduce stamping tensile deformation; for stamping cracks or wrinkles, suitable molds can be used to greatly reduce the production of defective products. For many enterprises, using the same set of molds to stamp materials of different thicknesses seems to have become the norm, which is a problem that needs attention.

The "technical contradiction" between high strength, thinning, recycling, and environmental protection seeks a solution.

Strengthen the research on basic production technology of steel drums. In the production of steel drums, there are many factors that affect the quality of the product, and the application environment is complex. The technical difficulties are also different. First of all, we should analyze the product. A certain company is engaged in the production of thin sheet metal stampings. The quality of the stampings after the thin sheet metal forming depends on the process design plan and process parameter design plan of the relevant production equipment, involving a relatively large design variable, mainly including forming process parameters, mold geometry parameters, material mechanical performance parameters, and friction boundary conditions, etc. Among them, process parameters include: forming speed, forming force, forming principle, and forming method. The geometric parameters include: initial thickness and initial shape of the plate material, mold clearance, geometric dimensions of the convex and concave molds, the size of the product and process parameters and shape, and the process, etc.

For steel drum forming technology, the main failure modes are deformation, cracks, and leakage. Usually, deformation and cracks are mainly judged based on the forming limit of the sheet metal. If the requirements and dimensional accuracy of the steel drum use are high, the thickness, external dimensions or sealability of the steel drum can also be used as standards. Based on numerical simulation technology, the design of sheet metal forming process can greatly reduce the cost of design and production, and shorten the product development cycle.

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