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Packaging Testing: A Trustworthy Choice for Product Transportation

Transport packaging is an essential part of product circulation, and packaging directly affects the economic profits of merchants in terms of product protection and safety. So, how can companies anticipate risks in advance? The answer is transport packaging testing.

Transport packaging testing mainly simulates the phenomena of bumps, collisions, drops, and harsh environments that products encounter during actual transportation. This helps customers evaluate the packaging performance of products at different stages of transportation and whether they can maintain their original performance, and reduce economic losses. For drum cap seal suppliers, conducting these tests is necessary to ensure that products arrive safely and intact at their final destination, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention while reducing operational costs for businesses alike.

For example:

  • Temperature and humidity, evaluate the product's environmental adaptability during storage and transportation;

  • Stacking compression, evaluate the pressure impact of multi-layer packaging stacking during storage or transportation;

  • Packaging vibration, evaluate the environmental impact of various vehicle, air and sea transportation vibrations during transportation;

  • Packaging drop, evaluate the impact of accidental drops during loading and unloading. Incorporating robust solutions like a drum seal cap can help to enhance the strength of packaging designs, reducing the risk of damage and wastage

The common test is ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) packaging and transportation test. ISTA is an association of professionals and institutions and an international packaging and transportation organization. Its ultimate goal is to make packaging reasonable and reduce product damage rates. ISTA is committed to the development, design, and cost-benefit evaluation of protective transport packaging. When your packaging design passes ISTA testing, you can be sure that this packaging can effectively protect the product in continuous transportation environments and will not be harmed by foreseeable factors.

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