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What Are The Precautions For Environmental Protection Acceptance For Construction Projects Involving The Renovation Of Old Barrels?

2. On-site investigation

①Contrasting with the EIA report and approval documents, verify on-site whether the actual construction content, production scale, production process, product plan, raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment, site selection, and number of personnel of the project are consistent with the EIA, and whether the layout of the plant is consistent; Changes should be analyzed whether they constitute major changes, and if not involved, the reasons for the changes and the circumstances of the changes should also be recorded.

②Waste water, waste gas, solid waste production link, production volume, whether the specific pollutants have changed; whether the pollution prevention measures are consistent, what are the changes, whether the prevention measures are accepted and the test operation analysis is up to the standard discharge (at the same time record the points that need to be monitored and the pollution ); Whether the size, location, storage volume, and usage of the temporary solid waste storage facilities are consistent with the environmental assessment.

③For projects involving hazardous waste, hazardous waste should be more detailed: first, whether the production link, amount and type of hazardous waste are consistent with the environmental assessment, whether there are omissions in the environmental assessment; whether the capacity of the hazardous waste storage site (facility) is Meet the storage and turnover requirements of hazardous waste generation.

Hazardous waste prevention and control measures: Whether the construction area and location of the temporary storage room for hazardous waste meet the requirements, and whether the construction of the temporary storage room meets the "Hazardous Waste Storage Pollution Control Standard" (GB 18597-2001) and the relevant requirements in the standard amendment. See below for specific requirements.

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