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The Content Of Cost Control And Cost Management Of Steel Drum Packaging Enterprise

The Content Of Cost Control And Cost Management Of Steel Drum Packaging Enterprise

In the process of enterprise operation, enterprise cost management and control work is a long-term, systematic, complex work, throughout the whole development process

Cost control beforehand refers to the in-depth analysis of various factors that will occur in the production process, such as market changes, competitors and capital turnover, before the production of products.

On the basis of such investigation, scientific and reasonable strategic planning is made in combination with the comprehensive level of enterprises, so that enterprises can achieve the goal of cost control in the survival and development.

Making a scientific and reasonable development plan in advance is conducive to the thorough implementation and implementation of the responsibility system, and the realization of cost control in terms of energy saving and production increase.

Due to the large quantity of raw materials needed by steel drum packaging enterprises, the purchase cost of materials accounts for more than 60% of the total cost of enterprises, which is of great significance to cost management and control

In-process cost control, in essence, is to control the purchase cost of materials, material consumption, production and manufacturing costs, labor costs and other expenses.

When purchasing raw materials, we should choose materials with high cost performance as far as possible, and reach long-term cooperative relationship with reputable suppliers to overcome the impact of human factors on the operation planning and procurement fairness, and avoid cost problems in the price.

At the same time, in the production process, steel drum packaging enterprises should strictly control the production of each link, requiring the production line staff according to the drawings and regulations of the process of smooth operation, and timely inspection of the finished products, to avoid the waste of resources.

In addition, the receipt, return and storage of materials must strictly follow the implementation of material management system, in order to adapt to the production needs of each link of the enterprise, from the use of materials and storage aspects of the cost management, will achieve good management results.

Cost ex post control is the continuation of cost control, and is the key to ensure that enterprises find problems

Production cost after the event control is the enterprise through the analysis of the production status of itself, by its own enterprise obtained the result of contrast and comparison of external enterprise arrangement cost management plan in the future, help enterprise leaders and managers to find the weak link, find suitable for their own development direction, to ensure that the internal and external information real and unobstructed, the greatest degree to control the cost of production and management, promote healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

Short comments: In recent years, science and technology change with each passing day, bringing much convenience to social production and life.

At present, China's steel drum packaging quality and packaging products to the national economy of the contribution rate year by year, although many steel drum packaging enterprises in the production equipment and foreign level gap is not satisfactory, but the cost management and control work is not satisfactory, resulting in a large number of human, material and financial waste, the healthy development of the enterprise is very adverse.

Our factory are working hard to reduce the cost of producing the high quality drum closure to benefit our customers in the long run,

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