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Why Is It Said That Zero-defect Quality Control Is Error-proofing! ! !

However, with the rapid development of the industry, the production line must complete the processing of different types of accessories according to the needs of different consumers, and multiple production technologies are combined in one production line. During the processing of such a production line, the risks of processing errors, missed processing, missed packaging, and mixed packaging caused by co-line manufacturing are increased. This will cause the occurrence of parts scrap or repair, which will bring damage to manufacturing. The adverse effects.

In this case, the realization of zero-defect management of quality can be started from two aspects: preventive control and process control. Among them, preventive control is the most important zero-defect management method, and an error-proof system can be established to effectively prevent errors. The so-called error prevention system is a set of measures that can foresee, prevent and detect errors or defects.

The error-proofing system is an error-proofing system composed of error-proofing principles, error-proofing procedures, and error-proofing technologies. The error-proofing process refers to the management procedures performed when implementing error-proofing, including error-proofing design, error-proofing verification, error identification, and experience summarization. Each link is in a relationship of mutual contact and cooperation.

The design of the error-proofing system needs to be analyzed and executed by all departments of production and manufacturing. First of all, during product realization planning, the project engineer is responsible for organizing a project team consisting of process, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, market, supplier and customer representatives for error-proof design.

Short comment: The error-proofing system is suitable for various industries, and Xuheng also learns from the misplaced system in production. Therefore, the products produced, such as drum closure, cap seal, clamp, etc., are of high quality.

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