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The Harm Of Industrial Oil On The Surface Of Steel Plate And The Classification Of Degreasing Methods

The hazard of industrial oil pollution to the coating layer.

The presence of industrial oil stains hinders the direct contact between the acid used for rust removal and the rust. The presence of oil stains results in prolonged rust removal time or incomplete rust removal.

The presence of oil stains affects the direct close contact between the phosphating solution and the surface of the steel, so that the chemical reaction process of phosphating cannot be produced, thus affecting the formation of the phosphating film.

Incomplete rust removal and incomplete formation of the phosphate film affect the performance of the coating layer. The presence of oil stains also directly affects the adhesion of polymer organics to the steel surface, thereby reducing the anti-corrosion effect of the coating layer.

Before the metal surface is painted, if the oil is not removed, the oil will inevitably be mixed with the paint, resulting in weak adhesion and poor anti-corrosion performance.

Short comment: The surface of the drum closure provided by Xuheng is galvanized, which can well prevent the drum closure from being corroded when oily products are contained in the barrel.

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