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UN rating drums

Since 1 January 1991, all dangerous goods in international marine and international or domestic air transport were required to be in packaging displaying the "UN" marking. The mark indicates that the packaging design has been tested in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, which have been adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).


Products certified to UN marking have to undergo stringent test requirements, consisting of a number of performance oriented tests related to packaging integrity such as drop test, stacking test, and hydrostatic pressure test for packaging in liquid service. To ensure the highest level of protection and security for goods being transported or stored, businesses can invest in top-of-the-line packaging and container products, including a drum cap sealer

Our pails when filled with Dangerous Goods product had been tested to withstand a drop height of up to 2.0 meter without leaking. Our containers are able to withstand Hydraulic Pressure of up to 180kPa. To ensure the utmost reliability and quality in our packaging products, we utilize state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as an expert team of engineers. Our trusty drum seal cap is designed to bolster our containers' sealing capabilities, contributing to the packaging's overall strength and protective features. 



In the container category, the first letter indicates that the design type has passed the test successfully:

1. UN logo

The UN symbol is used to certify that packaging, flexible bulk containers, and movable tank container cargo multi-gas containers meet the relevant IMDG requirements.

2. Package type code

5H3 is shown in the figure:

The first Arabic number indicates the type of packaging: bucket (1), can (3), box (4), bag (5), etc.

The second letter represents the type of packaging materials: such as steel (A), aluminum (B), natural wood (C), plywood (D), recycled wood (F), fiberboard (G), plastic materials (H), textiles (L), paper, multilayer (M), metal (excluding steel and aluminum) (N), glass, ceramics and coarse ceramics (P).

The third digit represents the Arabic numeral of a category within the type of package belonging.

Special attention should be paid to:

1) For composite packaging, two uppercase letters shall be used successively in the second position of the code. The first letter represents the inner packaging material and the second letter represents the outer packaging material.

2) Sometimes the packaging code is followed by an additional letter (T/W/V), T for salvage packaging, W for equivalent packaging, and V for special packaging.

3. Packing grade and contents data

Y26 is shown in the figure:

The first letter indicates that the type of package design has passed the test:

X represents packaging classes I, II, and III

Y represents packaging classes II and III

Z represents Package Class III

The second number indicates:

The maximum total weight of a solid

Density of liquid (exempted if not exceeding 1.2)

4. 'S' or numbers

/S/ in the figure:

S means the goods in the package are solid. If it's a liquid, write it in kilopascals and round it to the nearest 10 kilopascals.

5. The last two digits of Arabic numerals

The '16' in the figure represents the production year of the package in 2016.

6. The second line CN/321638

Represents the country that authorizes the use of the symbol, and is represented by the symbol used by motor vehicles traveling internationally.

7. The second row PI:006

Represents the name of the manufacturer or other identifying mark as required by the relevant authority.


The UN packaging symbol is used only to certify that packaging, flexible bulk containers, and removable canister cargo multi-gas containers meet the relevant IMDG requirements and shall not be used for any other purpose. For molded metal packaging, the capital letter "UN" can be used as the symbol. 

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